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Cool Paper Miniatures


I love paper miniatures. I can take a gigantic collection of them with me and they'll fit in a paper envelope. I don't worry about losing them, because I can print more.

So imagine my delight when I found this trove: http://www.seven-wonders.co.uk/paperfriendsindex.html

The Sloan Ranger

This is the first of my Seven By Seven adventures that I discussed over on my blog. Our intrepid band of troubleshooters are asked to rescue a beautiful duchess visiting their city.

This is the rough first draft. You couldn't play it as written, but if you use my Adventure Designer system you could turn it into a playable adventure for your group with about an hour's work.

Monsters for GURPS


So you've picked up a shiny new copy of GURPS, and you'd like to get together with your buddies to kill some monsters and take their stuff. There's one problem: no monsters. That's right, none. Several of the more popular games come with a great big book of monsters to kill, and information about the stuff they have you can take. GURPS doesn't have that.

Except, of course, they do. They have more and better monsters than any other game I've ever seen.

GURPS Chase Cards


GURPS has some pretty advanced chase rules. To speed things along during play, I have created the following handy cards for use at the table. Print these on card stock, cut along the dotted lines, and save from flipping through your book constantly.

Combat Calculator


I always have the devil's own time remembering all of the modifiers for range and position during a GURPS combat, so I thought that just for fun I'd write a little program to do it for me. Feel free to take this and use it as you will.

If you're trying to build this using something besides make, the instructions are fairly simple:

  1. Compile all of the .c files to .o
  2. Link the object files, as well as the math library. Typically with -lm on the command line.

Powerstone Cost Calculator


After watching some people on the GURPS forums go through strange gyrations to calculate the costs for powerstones, I thought I should do my part to make it a little easier. I've attached the C source code for a program to do the calculations, as well as an OSX binary that will calculate it for you. I'll get a Windows binary as soon as I get access to a windows compiler.

To install the binary on OSX, just download the file and copy it to a convenient folder. You may also need to issue the command "chmod 755 powerstone" from the terminal.

Ghost in the Bourne Shell

A ghost has managed to infest the computer network of a multinational bio-tech firm. It has lain dormant for months, securing its base and building itself into something more powerful.

The ghost is the departed spirit of Guillermo Sanchez, an artificial intelligence researcher and psychologist interested in the use of machine systems for treating traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately he was injured in a motorcycle accident on his way to his son's birthday party.

The Liberation of Jorge Ramirez

Last week Steve Jackson Games released GURPS Ultra-Lite, a simple but complete role playing game in six compact pages. In the spirit of this simple practicality, I thought I'd try something different this month. I gave you lots of theory over the last few months, and your eyes are rolling up into your heads. So this time, I'm going to give you a simple adventure, one you can play with GURPS Ultra-Lite.

GURPS Character Worksheet

This is a character worksheet I have created for GURPS, to make character and template building easier. It doesn't give you some nice looking character sheet that you can take to the game table, but it does give you a very nice way to keep track of your point totals when you're designing your player character, NPC or campaign template.

I have provided templates for OpenOffice Calc and Microsoft Excel.  I can't vouch for the quality of the Excel template, because I don't own a copy, it's just an export from OpenOffice.

To use this spreadsheet in OpenOffice:

The Bodyguards

In my /hack column over at rpg.net, I promised an adventure.  The column went up a little early, so this is a bit rushed.  I'll make it nicer once I have a chance to catch my breath.  Read it and give me your feedback in the comments.

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